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I'm new to Sinatra and I can't figure out where to put my application layout.

I've seen the inline method that uses

# app code    

    = yield

But I'd like the layout to be in it's own .haml file.

What should the layout file be named? What directory should it be placed in?

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If you haven't already, create a folder where your sinatra script lives called...


and put your layout in there, call your layout


or whatever extension (e.g. .erubis) you'd like to use.

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thanks. This worked out nicely :) – maček Nov 16 '10 at 1:17
You're very welcome ;) – Slomojo Nov 16 '10 at 1:19

Automatic Wrapping

To make every view default to be wrapped in a layout, create a file in views/layout.haml and your calls to haml :myview will automatically be wrapped in this layout.

Skipping the Layout

If you want a particular view rendering not to use the layout, use:

get '/' do
   # Other pages will use layout.haml, but not the main page
   haml :home, :layout => false

Using a Different Layout

If you want to use a layout other than the common layout, create another file (for example views/admin_layout.haml) and then pass this as an option:

get '/admin/create' do
   haml :create, :layout => :admin_layout
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I'm getting this error undefined local variable or method `layout' for when I use the layout option, please help me – pahnin Jun 25 '12 at 13:02
it worked if I changed the ` - ` to underscore ` _ ` i.e, admin_layout please see this… – pahnin Jun 25 '12 at 17:28
@pahnin My mistake; thank you for pointing that out. FWIW if should work if you did :layout => :"admin-layout", but better to simply use a name that is easily represented as a symbol literal. I have updated my answer. – Phrogz Jun 25 '12 at 17:42
yes its working! Thanks – pahnin Jun 25 '12 at 18:14

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