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Hey guys, i'm trying this example from Dave Ward blog

about jQuery Templates and something i'm doing wrong. Any help will be appreciated. Here's his code: Data:

 var invoice = {
  invoiceItems: [
    { type: 'item', 
      part: '99Designs', description: '99 Designs Logo', 
      price: 450.00, qty: 1 },
    { type: 'service',
      service: 'Web development and testing', 
      price: 25000.00 },
    { type: 'item',
      part: 'LinodeMonthly', description: 'Monthly site hosting', 
      price: 40.00, qty: 12 }


  <script id="invoiceTemplate" type="x-jquery-tmpl">
      <table class="invoice">
      {{each lineItems}}
        {{tmpl($value) get_invoiceRowTemplateName(type)}}


$(function ()

function get_invoiceRowTemplateName(type) {
  // Return a template selector that matches our 
  //  convention of <type>RowTemplate.
  return '#' + type + 'RowTemplate';
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you might want to elaborate about what 'wrong' means... do you get an output, is the output wrong, what's wrong with the result, etc etc –  Ben Nov 16 '10 at 1:37
@Ben it wasn't doing anything, but Dave already answered my question i was missing "row" templates. –  pyccki Nov 16 '10 at 15:58

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Don't forget the row templates:

<script id="serviceRowTemplate" type="x-jquery-tmpl">
  <tr class="service">
    <td colspan="2">${service}</td>
    <td colspan="2">${price}</td>

<script id="itemRowTemplate" type="x-jquery-tmpl">
  <tr class="item">

When get_invoiceRowTemplateName() resolves each item's type to the corresponding *type*RowTemplate, those individual row templates are what is used to render each item.

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Got it Dave. Thanx a Lot !!! –  pyccki Nov 16 '10 at 15:57

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