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I am trying to access a web page using urllib2 and the automatic redirect in urllib2 does not seem to retrieve the entire page. Here is my code:

request = urllib2.Request(link)
opener = urllib2.build_opener()

page = opener.open(request)

a) When link = 'https://www.google.com'. It prints

<!doctype...> Etc. Etc. </script>

b) When link = 'https://www.xyz.com/a_link_which_is_redirected.html'. It prints


However, If I access the 'link' in b) via an internet browser, it correctly displays a page with a form.

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View the source of the Google page - it really does end with a script tag. They leave off some of the closing tags because browsers can still interpret it correctly and it saves bandwidth.

Here are some test redirect pages. Which of those do not work for you?

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