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I'm attempting to parse an XML string with libxmljs ( I'm having some issues though. I need to apply logic to what I'm parsing and return based upon what's defined and what isn't. Because of this I don't see a SAX-style parser being a valid option.

I'm willing to look at other alternatives if I can achieve what I'm looking for. Being able to select elements like DOMParser xmlDoc.getElementsById('firstName')[0].childNodes[0].nodeValue would be awesome...

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I guess the README does focus on the sax parsing. Most people use the DOM stuff though. I'll update it to make it clear that DOM is possible and give examples. – Marco Nov 16 '10 at 19:37
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libxmljs supports DOM as well as SAX style parsing.

var xmlDoc = libxmljs.parseXmlString('<item><data id="firstName">Your Name</data></item>');
var xmlDoc2 = libxmljs.parseXmlFile('mydata.xml');

The API is custom and doesn't follow the W3C/browser spec (it's on my list). You will want to use xpath to query the document for the content you want.


Notice that childNodes and text are function calls. Take a look at the docs.

As far as I know, libxmljs and jsdom are the two libraries that have decent DOM implementations.

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