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I am using jQuery and tablesorter to add column sorting to my data on a page.

I want to to record which column was sorted. How can I determine which column was clicked? Is there an event that I can hook into?

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Setting your own click event on the .tablesorter .header should provide an easy way to getting the column clicked whilst avoiding conflicts with other tables

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Simply assign a delegate to the table and catch click events on th elements:

$('#table').delegate('th', 'click', function(e) {
  //e.target will point to the header that was clicked
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I ended up using the sortEnd event and checking for the presence of the .sorted-a-z and .sorted-z-a classes to determine the sorted column.

table.bind("sortEnd", function () {
    var checkSort = function (query, order) {
        var column = table.find(query);

        if (column.length == 1){
           // Do stuff

    checkSort("th.sorted-a-z", "descending");
    checkSort("th.sorted-z-a", "ascending");
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