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I am using Django for my application and needed to do a pattern matching

Pattern to be matched: users/?q=john Regular expression : '^users/\?q\=(?P[\w]+)[/]?$'

like this in urls.py

url(r'^users/\?q\=(?P[\w]+)[/]?$', user_handler, {'emitter_format' : 'json'})

However it's not matching the URL, any pointers would be helpful.


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In CGI, everything after ? is put into request.GET and does not even get to url matching - take a look here:

In your handler (user_handler), you can use:


to get john from the above sample URL.

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thanks it worked as you suggested, I changed the URL Pattern to just ^users/ and it worked like a charm –  Pranav Garg Nov 16 '10 at 4:18

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