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How do I store and retrieve a byte array (image data) to and from a SQLite database in Android?

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If nothing special is undertaken then DB is stored in internal device memory. So you will get about 30-60 MB of free space to use by your DB. If you plan to store many images of a normal size (several Mpixels) then you should probably store images on SDCard as files and put a string filepath to your DB. –  Arhimed Nov 16 '10 at 7:47

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Byte array can be stored as BLOB data type. There's nothing special in this procedure except special care for chunking, like:

InputStream is=context.getResources().open(R.drawable.MyImageFile);
    byte[] buffer=new byte[CHUNK_SIZE];
    int size=CHUNK_SIZE;
        size=is.read(buffer);  //read chunks from file
        ContentValues cv=new ContentValues();
        cv.put(CHUNK, buffer);       //CHUNK blob type field of your table
        long rawId=database.insert(TABLE, null, cv); //TABLE table name
catch(Exception e)
    Log.e(TAG, "Error saving raw image to: "+rawId, e);
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can you please some more code for this?? –  U Khan Apr 8 at 10:50

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