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I want to find country, city, latitude and longitude from IP address using php. I am using this url and it is returning data in xml format.


The data is coming like this:

<Region>West Bengal</Region>


Can anybody suggest how to parse and get the result

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Use simplexml_load_string().

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Use the XML parser included in PHP?

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I've been using this personally: http://ipinfodb.com/

The examples are very clear and concise and the API is very fast.

Good luck.

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The use of API in PHP has already described in their website. Why you use but don't read?


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I'll suggest you to use xpath this is more easier schema for accessing the attributes. for example for your current data i have the following:

$file = 'file.xml';
$xml= new SimpleXMLElement($file, NULL, TRUE);
$ipz = $xml->xpath("/IpLookup/Ip");
$country = $xml->xpath("/IpLookup/Country/");
foreach($ipz as $ip)
foreach($country as $country)
  echo $ip.'<br/>';
  echo $country.'<br/>';

this code will return you the ip and the country for your current xml. you can edit it in your own way.

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