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I'm looking to build a website that has a flash interface and allows visitors to upload vector art in a number of file formats such as SVG, EPS and AI.

I have two rather large problems...

1) I need to load the original vector art, probably convert it to FLV and display it in my flash application.

2) After the user potentially loads a number of images, adds some text, rotates or transforms some elements, I need to save the resulting composition into a vector art format that I can print.

I'm not much of an AS experience is mostly in .NET/C# & C++.

I'm looking for a good library or API that provides the functionality I will need to convert different image formats and save the results.

How much of this can be done using Flash / AS...? How much in C#...?

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I've used the libspark svgParser before to generate mxml from an svg and the similar fxgParser to create animation from a vector file.

The svgParser should come handy, but also have a look at their svgEditor.


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