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I've 3 groups created in iphone settings bundle Root.plist file. Its showing fine.

But for every group, i want to add some description. It will be something like follows:

GroupName Description Settings in that group.

Is it possible. How to add description? If the description color is different to identify from group name and settings in that group, it will be good.

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You can add text at the bottom of your Groups, that is commonly used as a hint about the preferences in that group.

  1. Add a new item to a Group (Yes!, additionally to the default Title and Type Keys).
  2. Replace the text under the Key column that reads "New Item" for FooterText.
  3. Under the Type column set the type for you new Key as String.
  4. Write whatever you want on the field under the Value column for the new Key.

And... voilà!

Next time you build and launch the App go to Settings and to your App's preferences to see the text under the Group you placed it.

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This was the only place I could find this on web-based documentation. Until I knew what to search for. Then this document came… – Glenn Dec 4 '12 at 20:59

everything you will ever need for setings.bundle is here ->

however, choosing colors etc isn't going to happen. sorry.

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If you want the font to be bold just paste a formatted text into the Title property of the group.

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