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I like this remove icon (png format), but unfortunately it's bigger. The icon finder site doesn't seem to contain a smaller size, maybe the same icon of size 16x16 would be preferable. How do I re-size?

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Why don't you just download that icon and resize manually, using GIMP, for example?

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If you are using Windows, this free software might be useful: http://www.getpaint.net/

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Just use Photoshop, or png2ico... http://www.winterdrache.de/freeware/png2ico/

In Photoshop, open the file, then go to 'file' >> 'save for web and devices' resize it then save.

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Try to resize it online by this link: http://resizr.lord-lance.com

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looks like only jpg is supported, my files are in png –  user339108 Nov 16 '10 at 9:38

If you are using windows, use MS-Paint. Click Ctrl-W , in stretch section, change to 50% horizontal and 50% vertical or any ratio that will suit your need.

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