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Below is my code for the Star constructor, i'm passing the correct values but i keep getting a cannot find symbol error for the star constructor

private Star[] star;
st = db.readLineFromDB();
ST = new StringTokenizer(st , ",");
star[count] = Star.Star(Double.valueOf(ST.nextToken()),Double.valueOf(ST.nextToken()),ST.nextToken(),Integer.valueOf(ST.nextToken()),ST.nextToken());

public Star(double logdist, double vmag, String sp_class, int ID, String name)
 this.logdist = logdist;
 this.vmag = vmag;
 this.sp_class = sp_class;
 this.ID = ID; = name;

Thanks guys for the ans... about to give up...

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star[count] = new Star(...);

You invoke constructors with the new keyword, not with Class.Class(...).

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Instead of

star[count] = Star.Star(Double.valueOf(ST.nextToken()),Double.valueOf(ST.nextToken()),ST.nextToken(),Integer.valueOf(ST.nextToken()),ST.nextToken());


star[count] = new Star(Double.valueOf(ST.nextToken()),Double.valueOf(ST.nextToken()),ST.nextToken(),Integer.valueOf(ST.nextToken()),ST.nextToken());

The Star method isn't a public static class so you can't do Star.Star (if that's possible).

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This is not the way to call constructor.

you should do some thing

Star starObj = new Star(Double.valueOf(ST.nextToken()),Double.valueOf(ST.nextToken()),ST.nextToken(),Integer.valueOf(ST.nextToken()),ST.nextToken());

Have a detail look at this tutorial

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