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The software currently supports a SQL Server 2008 database or SQL CE (depending on server or standalone modes). I'm a C++ programmer thrown into the deep end of C# TableAdapters.


Replace CE with SQLite in standalone mode.


Created a new TableAdapter from scratch for using the SQLite database. I did try converting an existing one but found that really messes things up.

Then with the assistance of find and replace changed references to CE to use Lite. This met with the success of removing obvious conflicts between CE classes and Lite classes.


Having changed all the declarations from CE to Lite I now have a mass of error messages. That suggest I'm missing something else fundamental.

From what I can tell The SQLite table adapter is returning a Long instead of int for scaler queries, as this is one of the error messages, and if I find replace on the code for correcting that, it shifts the error messages down into the heart of the main program.

Some of the created queries in the new table adapter have methods that appear to have the parameters in a differnt order to the old one. Even though I created them with the same SQL statements.


The Data Abstraction layer class is over 15000 lines of code so making manual changes to everything would take likely take longer than they want to employ me for.

The database itself is about 57 Tables.

I can't share the code thats causing these problems due to an NDA. So far I haven't had spare time to generate separate test code to recreate the problem.


Any advice for things that I should look at would be greatly appreciated, as my searches so far haven't brought me much luck.

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