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I have a lot of paired fields (hoursDistance1, cityName1, hoursDistance2, cityName2, hoursDistance3, cityName3, etc.).

What query do I need to search for so that Lucene scores based on both fields having the correct terms instead of just one of them? i.e. if I search for a city 3 hours from here with this name, how do I get it to return results where hoursDistanceN is 3 hours from here AND cityNameN is this without scoring the other pairs of fields?

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You could create a document for each pair. So instead of

id | hours1 | name1 | hours2 | name2 | ...

You would have:

id | pair_num = 1 | hours | name
id | pair_num = 2 | hours | name

Since you only want to search one pair at a time, you shouldn't need to merge the results together or anything.

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IIUC, you can do this by denormalizing your data: Create a Lucene document for each pair of fields, e.g. if:


Create a document with the fields:


And then run a query like:

hoursDistance=5 AND cityName=Leeds
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Creating documents for each set of pairs is not possible as they are part of a location document, with each pair of fields relative to the location. –  Richard Parnaby-King Nov 16 '10 at 14:32
I believe you need to explain this a little further. How did you create the fields? Maybe using a spatial search module is better. –  Yuval F Nov 16 '10 at 18:14

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