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I have 2 test suites created in the FrontPage, lets say Suite1 and Suite2. Now I have 1 test case created in Suite1, lets say TestCase1, and would like to have another copy of TestCase1 inside Suite2, may I know how can I use the "Recfactor" feature in the FitNesse to "copy" TestCase1 into Suite2?

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what you mean with another copy? Running the same tests from both suite or having another test with the same name? –  Uberto Nov 22 '10 at 13:10
My objective is to move the TestCase1 from Suite1 to Suite2, if FitNesse unable to do that, at least I can copy from Suite1 to Suite2 then delete the TestCase1 from Suite1. –  huahsin68 Nov 29 '10 at 4:17

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Assuming your suites Suite1 and Suite2 have been created directly on FrontPage.

To move a TestCase1 from Suite1 to Suite2 you can simply click on refactor link of TestCase1 page or open this link: http://localhost:8000/FrontPage.Suite1.TestCase1?refactor

Then enter FrontPage.Suite2 in "New Location" field under MOVE section. And then click on Move Page button. Now your TestCase1 has been moved under Suite2 from Suite1.

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