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i would like to know if its possible to create a file ussing batch in a certain location if it dosnt exist?

better explained create file C:\test\test.txt if file C:\test\test.txt otherwise (if it exists do nothing?

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Use "if":

if not exist c:\test\test.txt type NUL > c:\test\test.txt
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echo 2>> c:\test\test.txt

If echo ever writes anything to the error stream you'll get a shock, but I can't think of any circumstance where it would...

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if not exist C:\test\test.txt copy NUL C:\test\test.txt

(And it's really hard typing those paths. I think I never touched anything below the drive root for a few years by now. Are you creating files on Unix systems in / out of habit too?)

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if not exist C:\test\test.txt echo (what you want to be inside of the file here) >>C:\test\test.txt

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Here's how to create a file with a batch file:

if not exist "C:\folder\test file.txt" goto create
echo Your>"C:\folder\test file.txt"
echo Text>>"C:\folder\test file.txt"
echo Here>>"C:\folder\test file.txt"

if the file exists, nothing will happen if the file doesnt exist, a file will be created with the text:


It works. I tested it.

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