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Im writing a program which is going to be a type of scheduler backed by a database.

We'll call the database items, A B C and each relies on each other. You can't add a B without an A, and you can't add a C without a B (relies on row ids).

They're all a simple list of items, but we want to do a little more with B like Hold, Extend, and view C items.

Initially I figured I would use a Context Menu but reading through the android design guidelines, I understand that while desirable, this should not be the way of navigating items.

So with my ListView for A, I can add a Button to delete an item or allow a press on the item to get into the ListView for B.

But how would you recommend I design the ListView for B?

After a B record is added, we don't need to edit it, but we will have some options like Hold and Extend. We also wouldn't want to allow a click on a List Item for B to go straight to the ListView for C as we would bypass the options needed for B.

Im guessing I could either:

1) Ignore the Guidelines and Stick with Context Menus 2) Have a Greyed out Edit form for B, with a clickable button to go to C 3) Have a Greyed out Edit form for B, but include the C ListView on the Edit form for B

The last two options then raises its own issues, in that as C relies on B, we would either need to have a "Save and Continue" or "Next" button to ensure the B item is saved, or if we included the C ListView on the B Edit form I would presumably save the BId on the C Window with a temporary Id of say -1 bearing in mind that we haven't yet saved B and don't know what its row id is, remembering to save/tidyup everything on returning.

How would you guys handle something like this?

Is it acceptable to have "Next..." options in Android screens? Where would you normally Save a New database option, do you utilise a save button, or do you handle it "OnBack" like the Contacts Edit screen?

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It's hard to answer this kind of question when the fundamentals of your UI are so vague. Can you tell us what A, B, and C actually are? Preferably with screenshots. –  Reuben Scratton Nov 16 '10 at 11:37
It's a kind of reminder program. The first screen (A) is a simple one word list of things you want to be reminded about. The next screen (B) is a screen of "schedules" which you can add items to specifying Start, End, and how often you want to be reminded. (C) is a screen of times specifying which times on the days you've previously specified, do want to be reminded. In this situation, you cannot add the times without having added and saved the schedule. Im guessing we could mix the times in with the schedule definition and just save a temporary row id against the times. –  Simon Nov 16 '10 at 12:49

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