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I want to develop 3D animations for scientific demonstrations. I am familiar with Java & C++. I am not clear about the basics of 3D or 2D graphics, nor am I familiar with 3D animation tools like Blender and Maya, and I haven't been able to find any good resources for learning about these topics. So, as a beginner what steps should I take to learn 3D graphics?

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When you want to learn visualisation in a 3D Application (Maya, 3Dmax, Softimage, Blender aso) get this Software and read the manuals and visit the sites of the developer (eg. autodesk site, blender site).

In addition, there are a lot of forums with information (cgsociety aso) and tutorial sites in the internet. Buy books or learning dvd´s (for example from gnomon) with the needed topic.

Learn to model and how to make renderings (mental ray, vray) before you start with animation.

Learning 3D Graphics is a wide field and has a steep learning curve...

If you got a decent knowledge you can maybe apply to Animation Mentor...

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