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I have 2 servers set in Mirroring without Witness - Transaction Safety OFF for some databases and Safety Full on most critical. I know what are the failover scenarios when Principal or Mirror server fails and what needs to be done to bring the db's online but I never tested one specific scenario:

  • The Principal server has a crash, say unexpected shutdown, or reboot.
  • No DBA is on duty to manage the failover
  • The Mirror server will take this as it was Disconnected from the Principal and set the status "Disconnected" to each mirrored db's.
  • The Principal server is restarted after a while (2-3 minutes an interval bigger than the mirroring timeout)

The questions is: After the restart of Principal - everything gets back to normal and the former Principal and Mirror will take their past places? The mirroring on Principal will be suspended and it must be resumed?

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I think you need to manually fail it back over to the principal, you can do that by going right clicking on the database -> Task -> Mirror and click the Failover

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thanks for answering but in safety = off manual failover is not supported. Actually I wanted to know if the mirrored databases will be online on Principal after this is back and either their mirroring status will be suspended. –  yrushka Nov 17 '10 at 8:01

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