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I trying to build and compile my xcodeproj in command line and it is working now.

So it is also possible to launch the xcodeproject from terminal instead from the Xcode?

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If you want to run an app from the command line, use

open /path/to/

"Build and Go" is really just equivalent to

xcodebuild [parameters] && open /path/to/
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Are you asking for the command to build from the command-line?

It's just:


There are lots of options available to pick non-default options:

Usage: xcodebuild [-project <projectname>] [-activetarget] [-alltargets] [-target <targetname>]... [-parallelizeTargets] [-activeconfiguration] [-configuration <configurationname>] [-sdk <sdkfullpath>|<sdkname>] [<buildsetting>=<value>]... [<buildaction>]...
   xcodebuild [-version [-sdk <sdkfullpath>|<sdkname>]]
   xcodebuild [-showsdks]
   xcodebuild [-find <binary>] [-sdk <sdkfullpath>|<sdkname>]
   xcodebuild [-list]
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To run an Xcode project from terminal:

open *.xcodeproj

It may also be helpful to create an alias:

alias xcode="open *.xcodeproj"
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xcodebuild -configuration Debug; open /path/to/build/Debug/

BTW You can open any LaunchServices-findable app with a given document just by executing open -a without a path or extension, e.g. open -a Xcode myProject.xcodeproj

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