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How can I create in real-time a new URL path in Ruby on Rails?

For example: I want my users to have or

FYi I'm hosting the code on Heroku.

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Have a look at subdomain-fu plugin.

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I would checkout some previous answers for 'vanity' urls in the case for

How can I implement vanity URL's in a Rails application?

How to implement "short" nested vanity urls in rails?

As for subdomains, other suggestions by @Arkan, @Anton, @tadman are a good starting point.

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You'll need a wildcard CNAME or A record to point your names over in the first place, which in this case would be *, to handle this on a DNS level. The second part is in examining your header which will be or whatever is used. You can use this to set variables in a before_filter block.

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The easiest solution is like tadman described: set up a DNS record and write a rewrite rule for Apache/nginx/whatever which will eat subdomain and add it to params.

As an option, set up a middleware (more about it, where you can rewrite/route the requests before the get processed by Rails routing. Being prepared carefully, this can help implementing very sophisticated things :)

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