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I was going through this shell script and couldn't understand the command 'screen_it' used there. Any help appreciated

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That's a function, defined at line 109:

function screen_it {
    screen -S nova -X screen -t $1
    screen -S nova -p $1 -X stuff "$2$NL"

Quoting from Screen's manual:

stuff string

Stuff the string string in the input buffer of the current window. This is like the "paste" command but with much less overhead. You cannot paste large buffers with the "stuff" command. It is most useful for key bindings. See also "bindkey".

So, from that description, stuff "$2$NL" will "paste" the second argument and add a newline.

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What does 'stuff' do here? –  Scaraffe Nov 16 '10 at 17:04
Thanks a lot !! –  Scaraffe Nov 16 '10 at 17:13

screen_it is a function defined on line # 109

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