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Background on the control

I have a control that replaces the paradigm of using a select box of possible actions along with a "do it" button. It's basically a div with an unordered list inside that contains asp.net buttons.

My Issue

The parent control setup so that I can add child controls to a collection from the aspx page. The only thing in the codebehind file is the click event that I want the child control to fire.

For some reason, the child control never fires the click event even though I can see that it has been assigned the correct EventHandler.


Here is a pseudo signature for the parent control:

public class ParentControl : CompositeControl

Here is the list of child controls inside the parent:

public List<ChildControl> Items

Finally, here is the child control:

ChildControl : Button

I've looked a bunch of other questions on the site, but nothing has helped me so far. This has been holding up my work for about a week and I'm pretty desperate to find a solution at this point.

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I believe I have found the answer to my own question. Initially, I was using a custom collection to store the child controls inside the parent. I tried putting them inside the parent's "Controls" collection and it started working immediately.

I'd guess this had something to do with the children not hitting the control tree soon enough.

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