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Went through the post and your suggested solution as in -- Which web crawler for extracting and parsing data from about a thousand of web sites

Have installed heritrix under /root/heritrix-1.14.4


The command runs silently, but cd $heritrix_home results in

-bash: cd: /root/heritrix-1.14.4/bin/heritrix: Not a directory.

Have googled unsuccessfully.

chmod u+x $heritrix_home/bin/heritrix results in chmod: cannot access `/root/heritrix-1.14.4/bin/heritrix/bin/heritrix': Not a directory

Your valuable guidance / pointers requested

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I doubt that it's a good idea to install into root's home directory. A better place would be /usr/local/heritrix. A hope you do not run it as root (unless absolutely necessary). –  ordnungswidrig Nov 16 '10 at 16:29

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It looks like HERITRIX_HOME is set to /root/heritrix-1.14.4/bin/heritrix where it should be set to the directory /root/heritrix-1.14.4

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