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How do I use Core Data (in an already created program)?


  • I don't know how I use the information stored in a core data database.
  • I don't know how to add new information to a core data database.
  • i know how to create the core data file and put entity and attributes in it
  • I created this programm and now whanna use a local database in it!
  • I know SQL (if it helps).
  • There shoul'd be 2 attributes (name and score) in 1 entity (highscores)

Please help me (post a link to a tutorial or so)!

(I am new to iOS programming.)

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1 Answer

The meat of you knowledge should come from the iOS core data guide and the regular mac core data programming guide.

There are also some good tutorial articles about learning core data out there as well.

If you already know SQL and want to use more database centric features, you may want to read this article (and this one) as well and decide if SQLite would be a better fit.

Don't be afraid to do a few throwaway projects to get familiar with core data, it will make your life much happier as you learn.

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