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How can I have more options to answer this?

while [ "$yn" != "Yes" ]; do
 echo "Please enter your Host Name"
 read hname
 echo "You have entered $hname, is this correct? (Yes or No)"
  read yn
sh runscript.sh

Would like to answer with "Yes" "yes" "Y" or "y", how can this be done? Thanks in Advance, Joe

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while [ -z "$yn" ]
    read -p "Please enter your Host Name" hname
    read -p "You have entered $hname, is this correct? (Yes or No)" yn
    case $yn in
        Y|y|Yes|yes);;    # this is a no-op
        *) unset yn;;
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As pretty much any other language, Bash has logical operators. You can create something like this with Bash (this is pseudo-code):

If answer equals "Yes", or answer equals "yes":
   bla bla

I recommend you look up a Bash tutorial, you'll find that and much more! Cheers.

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Fixed it! Think this works best:

while [[ "$yn" != "Yes" && "$yn" != "Y" && "$yn" != "y" && "$yn" != "yes" ]]; do


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