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How do I do this in C++? I know how to create a pointer to a function but that requires having a name for that pointer. What I actually need is to somehow create a pointer without naming it. I know the syntax for array of ptr to functions, it might help: out-type (*ptr[size])(parameters...) Thanks in advance

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You should really use a boost/std::function<out_type(parameters)> instead. However, to answer the question at hand, you could use a typedef

typedef out_type(*typedef_name)(param_types);
std::vector<typedef_name> vec;

Or you can just supply the vector with the type directly.

std::vector<out_type(*)(param_types)> vec;
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+1, answers direct question and even suggests better alternative. – Moo-Juice Nov 16 '10 at 21:21
typedef void (*ptr)(parameters...);
std::vector<ptr> v;
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