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If I have a variable/function name called SqlDatabaseConnection, and I put my cursor on the first "S", is there a way to delete the "words" as defined by the uppercase letters ("Sql" and "Database")?

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I believe you could use camelcasemotion plugin as a move command in your deletion (d,w). For the record, I'd use dtD or dtC.

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It looks like that plugin also provides "inner word" analogs, so you could delete one segment of a camelcase name without even having the cursor on the end of it! –  Jefromi Nov 16 '10 at 22:26
Also like the dtD trick, I was trying to do dfD before, which obviously didn't work. –  NotDan Nov 17 '10 at 15:06

Not that I know of. I generally count or estimate the number of letters I want to delete and use 'nx' where n is the number of letters to delete.

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This can work (delete till):


So, in your example dtD will delete "Sql".

Another variation:


You can repeat delete by pressing "."

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As icecrime said, camelcasemotion plugin does this exactly.

If you don't want to install a plugin, you can create a macro like that :




(press ENTER)



I split the different part of the macro, but you have to type these without spaces nor carriage return, except the (press Enter) part which just means you should press enter at this step of the macro creation.

After that, just put the cursor on the first letter of the camelcase variable, and @c will delete words one by one the Camel way.

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