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Looking through PIL (and related to this question), where can I get a comprehensive list of Image modes? I see "RGB", "RGBX", my code has "BGRX" somehow even though it's not mentioned in the PIL docs that I can see... how can I see which is which, what PIL supports, and what proper modes to select when interacting with windows API calls, for example?

Basically I know very little about image modes and would like to learn more than just what letters to put in to make it magically work.

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As it says in the PIL documentation you need to look at the file Unpack.c, you'll find the list near the end of the file.

16-bit BGR is listed as "BGR;16" and creates a "RGBX" output.

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ah nice i actually managed to find the file but didn't find that lookup table. – Claudiu Nov 16 '10 at 23:16

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