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I'd like to have a navigator on both the top and bottom of the jqGrid. I have tried using the cloneToTop property on the grid and on the pager. It clones the elements but does not apply the correct styles (inspecting with FireBug reveals missing ui- styles). Any help appreciated.

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The usage of the parameter cloneToTop is the correct way. Look at here which is example from the answer on the question. It do of case not exactly what you ask, but it shows how cloneToTop work and how one can modify some results produced by cloneToTop.

Which styles you miss on the elements (which element?) of the top navigator, which you can see on the bottom navigator?

In general cloneToTop use very easy jqGrid functions. You can use jQuery.appendTo to move any element from one navigation bar to another one. In other my answer you can find an example of such movement (of case not exactly for you case, but all work in the same way).

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