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I'm testing NuGet for the first time today and I'm a little bit disappointed with the documentation and support material for it. I know that it is CTP and that it should probably get better but I feel like the product is incomplete.

I was able to install packages with almost no problem (it crashed once and its a little bit slow) but what now? Should I add all stuff it downloaded into my VCS? I ask that because I got NUnit and NuGet even downloaded the runners for it which I don't think I'm suppose to add to the VCS (and I won't).

I think it should work more like the GEMFILE in rails where you first run a "bundle install" before running the app.

How are you handling this situation?

Thanks a lot!

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I was thinking the same thing:… – hometoast Jan 3 '11 at 12:37
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Just so other can benefit from this, it's been a while since they release Package Restore into Nuget so packages don't need to be committed anymore to the VCS.

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My understanding is that yes, NuGet expects you to check-in the /lib folder (and all of its contents) into your VCS. It is certainly not optimized for doing that today though (see this issue for one example).

As far as NUnit including both the runners and the library - this is determined by the creator of the NUnit package. A suggestion to them might be to publish two packages, one with just the libraries and a second package that includes the runners as well.

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I thought that might be a command like "Install-Missing-Packages" or something so every developer could get their own dependencies just like Rails with Bundle – tucaz Nov 16 '10 at 23:00

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