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I've got a form with two radio buttons (Buying, Renting) and two Select Lists (Min Price, Max Price) (below).

When you select the Buying radio button it calls its JavaScript and the dropdown options change to Buying prices (£100000, £200000 etc.). When you select the Renting radio button it again calls it's JavaScript and displays Renting prices (£250 pw, £500 pw etc.).

JavaScript below:

if (BuyRent=='buy') {
  document.SearchForm.MaxPrice.options[0]=new Option("Price (Max)","150000000");
  document.SearchForm.MaxPrice.options[1]=new Option("\u00A3100,000","100000");
  document.SearchForm.MaxPrice.options[2]=new Option("\u00A3200,000","200000");
  document.SearchForm.MinPrice.options[0]=new Option("Price (Min)","0");
  document.SearchForm.MinPrice.options[1]=new Option("\u00A3100,000","100000");
  document.SearchForm.MinPrice.options[2]=new Option("\u00A3200,000","200000");
} else if (BuyRent=='rent') {
  while (document.SearchForm.MaxPrice.options.length>0) {

  while (document.SearchForm.MinPrice.options.length>0) {

  document.SearchForm.MaxPrice.options[0]=new Option ("Price (Max)","9999999");
  document.SearchForm.MaxPrice.options[1]=new Option("\u00A3250","250");
  document.SearchForm.MaxPrice.options[2]=new Option("\u00A3500","500");
  document.SearchForm.MinPrice.options[0]=new Option("Price (Min)","0");
  document.SearchForm.MinPrice.options[1]=new Option("\u00A3250","250");
  document.SearchForm.MinPrice.options[2]=new Option("\u00A3500","500");

Is there a way to tell each option to remember its selection when the form is submitted?

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Are you wanting to reload the page after the form is submitted and have the form filled out just as it was? –  chprpipr Nov 17 '10 at 0:36
Yes, that's exactly what I'm looking to do. –  Raphael Essoo-Snowdon Nov 17 '10 at 12:18

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If you're submitting a form, you'd probably want to store the values in hidden HTML elements.

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Edit: I may have misunderstood your question. If you're wondering how to remembering the selected options after submitting it to the server, this answer doesn't cover that.

When changing between buy and rent, keep tabs on what was selected before the change. When you change back, use this information to set the dropdown's selectedIndex property.


  1. You have selected buy and selected min = 100 and max = 200.
  2. You change from buy to sell. Now lastMin = 100 and lastMax = 200
  3. You change back to buy. You know that the last values were 100 and 200, so you set the dropdowns' values accordingly

I made a demo of it in practice here: http://jsfiddle.net/VUBQL/ . The code is as follows

var lastSelectedIndexes = { min: -1, max: -1 };

//The callback function when BuyRent changes
function buyRentChanged() {

    var maxPrice = document.SearchForm.MaxPrice;
    var minPrice = document.SearchForm.MinPrice;

    //Save currently selected indexes
    var selectedIndexes = {
        min: minPrice.selectedIndex,
        max: maxPrice.selectedIndex

    var BuyRent = this.value

    if (BuyRent=='buy') {

        maxPrice.options[0] = new Option("Price (Max)","150000000");
        maxPrice.options[1] = new Option("\u00A3100,000","100000");
        maxPrice.options[2] = new Option("\u00A3200,000","200000");

        minPrice.options[0] = new Option("Price (Min)","0");
        minPrice.options[1] = new Option("\u00A3100,000","100000");
        minPrice.options[2] = new Option("\u00A3200,000","200000");

    else if (BuyRent=='rent') {

        maxPrice.options[0]=new Option ("Price (Max)","9999999");
        maxPrice.options[1]=new Option("\u00A3250","250");
        maxPrice.options[2]=new Option("\u00A3500","500");

        minPrice.options[0]=new Option("Price (Min)","0");
        minPrice.options[1]=new Option("\u00A3250","250");
        minPrice.options[2]=new Option("\u00A3500","500");


    //Set selected index to the last selected index, if it was set
    if (lastSelectedIndexes.min !== -1)
        minPrice.selectedIndex = lastSelectedIndexes.min;

    if (lastSelectedIndexes.max !== -1)
        maxPrice.selectedIndex = lastSelectedIndexes.max;

    //Save the current indexes
    lastSelectedIndexes.max = selectedIndexes.max;
    lastSelectedIndexes.min = selectedIndexes.min;


var radioBoxes = document.SearchForm.BuyRent
radioBoxes[0].onchange = buyRentChanged;
radioBoxes[1].onchange = buyRentChanged;
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Exactly what I wanted, but is there a way to remember that selection on submit? Thanks again. –  Raphael Essoo-Snowdon Nov 17 '10 at 11:22

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