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How can I get svn logs by date?

I tried doing

svn log -vr {2010-11-14}:{2010-11-15}

but it only returns me 1 entry back which is commited on nov 12.

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Leaving out time information, your log command will only show changes that took place on november 14. The following excerpt from the documentation covers this issue:

svn log -r {2010-11-28}

If you give a date without a timestamp, such as 2010-11-28, Subversion assumes a time of 00:00:00, so looking for the most recent revision won't return anything on the 28th.

If you want to include the 28th in your search, you can either specify the 28th with the time ({"2010-11-28 23:59"}), or just specify the next day ({2010-11-29}).

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