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I have a dataset like this:

Patient_ID Lab_No Discharge_Date
P0001      L001   2010-01-01
P0001      L002   
P0001      L003   
P0001      L004   

I have some lab data that from the same patient, some lab data does not carry the discharge date that it should have. And I need to place the missing discharge date into them, currently I am using the following code:

temp <- ddply(temp,
                df[,"Discharge_Date"] <- unique(df[!is.na(df[,"Discharge_Date"]),"Discharge_Date"])

But this is quite slow (the dataset has 92528 rows with 70527 unique patient_id), how can I speed it up? Thanks.

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merge, should be much faster.

temp2 <- na.omit(temp) ## create unique discharge date x patient ID list
temp3 <- merge(temp[1:2], temp2[c(1,3)], by="Patient_ID") ## merge
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thanks! you saved my day, am checking on the data again to see if I have missed anything there. Thanks again! –  lokheart Nov 17 '10 at 4:05

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