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I am currently trying to use Eclipse to develop some code that I've been doing in a text editor in C.

I am currently under Linux, compiling it with GCC with the following arguments:

gcc -o SO SO.c -lpthread -lrt

I've tried adding "-lpthread -lrt" to Eclipse's "C/C++ Build"->"Discovery Options"-> "Compiler Invocation Arguments" but it seems of no avail.

I also tried on "C/C++ Build"->"Discovery Options"-> "Settings" but that doesn't seem to do it, too.

How may I override Eclipse's GCC command line arguments?

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In the project properties, go to : C/C++ Build --> Settings.
Then "Tool Settings", select "Libraries" under "Linker".
You can add all your project libraries there (without the "-l"). Also in the lower part, you can add custom path to search libraries.

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-lpthread and -lrt are passed to the linker, not the compiler. There should be some way in Library to add these as new libraries.

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