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Is the HTML5 localStorage object isolated per page/domain? I am wondering because of how I would name localStorage keys. Do I need a separate prefix? Or can I name them whatever I want?

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Does the domain include the port number? –  Tony O'Hagan Jun 4 at 13:01

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It's per domain (the same segregation rules as the same origin policy), to make it per-page you'd have to use a key based on the location, or some other approach.

You don't need a prefix, use one if you need it though. Also, yes, you can name them whatever you want.

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exactly what I needed. –  Nathan Moos Nov 18 '10 at 1:11

Yeah, each domain/subdomain has a different localStorage and you can call the keys whatever you want (prefix is not required).

To get a key you can use the method key(index) such as


There was an object called globalStorage before where you could have multiple localStorages, but it's been deprecated from the specs

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It is available anywhere on that domain as Nick suggested, as an alternative there is sessionStorage works slightly differently in that it is distinct to the browser window itself. That is to say that other tabs or windows on the same domain do not have access to that same copy of the storage object.

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I'd always use a prefix, just to avoid potential collisions with user scripts - which could use localStorage too.

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IMO It's the user scripts who should avoid collisions, not the pages. In my user script I'm using a prefix named after the script. –  Camilo Martin Feb 18 '12 at 4:43

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