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Hello I have created an application using qt and I managed to save some of its settings using QSettings.

void DoneIt::writeSettings()
    QSettings settings("mycompany", "RightDoneIt");
    settings.setValue("size", size());
    settings.setValue("pos", pos());

void DoneIt::readSettings()
    QSettings settings("mycompany", "RightDoneIt");
    resize(settings.value("size", QSize(400, 400)).toSize());
    move(settings.value("pos", QPoint(200, 200)).toPoint());

That works fine with the window position and size. I have add some widgets in my application using the designer of qt and I would like to save their state too.

One of my widgets is a radio button and I call it radioButtonbnw

How can I save its state (checked or unchecked) ?

What are the best practises ?

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  1. Put them to QButtonGroup
  2. Use QButtonGroup::setId to set Id for each radio button in this group
  3. Save the Id of the checked button get by QButtonGroup::checkedId
  4. Get the pointer of this button using QButtonGroup::button(id) when restore, and call QAbstractButton::setChecked

BTW: if you want to saves the current state of mainwindow's toolbars and dockwidgets, use QMainWindow::saveState.

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Please, could you be a little bit more precise? its my first time dealing with QbuttonGroup. Can you provide me with some code ? 1000 thanks – Sharethefun Nov 17 '10 at 5:32
Sorry that I'm busy with my project, and didn't have existing code. – Mason Zhang Nov 23 '10 at 4:43
No problem :) here are ur votes and points :) good luck with your project – Sharethefun Dec 9 '10 at 5:25

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