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I have tab bar controller in my app.

It opens "Quotes of the day" view everytime the user starts the app.

This view is placed in the first tab. It goes away only if user presses a button on the Quotes page.

I want to remove Quotes from tab bar controller. Tab bar should be displayed only when Quotes view is unloaded.

How can I do this?

Are there any shorter and better way to do this?

Please Help and Suggest.


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How about this?

  1. Remove the Quotes view from your tab bar controller.
  2. Set the default view of the tab bar controller to whatever view you want.
  3. Make the Quotes view a subview of that view, that pops to top on start of your app.
  4. On the dismiss function of your Quotes view, call removeFromSuperview on your Quotes view.

Just add hide/show functionality to the tab bar controller where you need to.

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Thanks a lot Altealice!!!! :) –  Parth Bhatt Nov 17 '10 at 9:57
Sure, no problem. :) –  Altealice Nov 17 '10 at 10:12
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