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(This question has been asked before, but a while back: Suggestions for Grails .gitignore; it was answered for grails 1.0.x)

What files in a Grails 1.3.x project should not be included in version control?

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See http://grails.org/Checking+Projects+into+SVN - it has a short list of ignores.

I would include .settings/ but I tend to keep .classpath and .project in source control because they change with the project. Then again, perhaps it's better simply to run grails integrate-with --eclipse.

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My project plugins come under %user_home%\.grails\1.3.7\projects , should these be checked in ?, I have made some changes in some of the plugins, how do i ensure that they are not lost ? – Sudarshan Jun 1 '11 at 10:23
@Peter Ledbrook it would be great to have an update of this for Grails 3.0.1 as the link is quite out of date. – ubiquibacon May 12 '15 at 18:25


# Maven output directory

# Eclipse Project files

# OS X generated files
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