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What I am looking for is to dynamically create two textboxes from the C# ASP.NET code (either normal textbox or HTML input text, I don't mind).

And then I tried (and failed) to define an event that fires when the first textbox loses the focus, so, what is written in the first textbox should be copied to the second textbox.

I tried to use the onblur() event, but I faced a problem... Since the body of the function of the onblur event should be written in JavaScript, so my two textboxes that I created in the C# ASP.NET file will not be known by JavaScript code...

Is there a way to write the body of onblur event in default.cs...? Or maybe I should find another way?

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Try following code:


<asp:PlaceHolder runat="server" ID="textBoxPlaceHolder"></asp:PlaceHolder>


TextBox t1 = new TextBox();
t1.ID = "textBox1";

TextBox t2 = new TextBox();
t2.ID = "textBox2";


String javascript = "javascript:document.getElementById('" + t2.ClientID + "').value=this.value;";
t1.Attributes.Add("onblur", javascript);
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Thank you very much... this is exactly what I want... But there is still a small problem I hope you help me to overcome... I need to use some simple properties for the textboxes like 'visible'... and also I need to use some controls that I already defined like LinkButton (also change its visibility)... All of these properties are not reachable from the javascript code (specially for those strange controls like LinkButton) Thank you again... –  yazanpro Nov 17 '10 at 13:26

I think I found the solution for my last comment... I may use the following code:

String javascript = "javascript:document.getElementById('" + t2.ClientID + "').style.display='none';document.getElementById('LinkButton1').style.display='none'";
t1.Attributes.Add("onblur", javascript);

But by the way, it is pretty difficult and bothering to write javascript code like this...

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