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Can someone suggest some good image processing library in C/c++ that can work easily in Visual studio .I need to do some 3-D modeling and Image reconstruction (would involve lot of pixel value access).I am looking for something that has a good documentation/online support apart from given functionality.

I am currently trying CImg but want your opinion before I proceed with project.

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Your title says C, your question says C/C++ and mentions Visual Studio, and your tags say C++. Which language are you trying to write in? I'm guessing C++? –  Jefromi Nov 17 '10 at 6:37
I am fine with either C/C++ –  Manish Nov 17 '10 at 6:43

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The tags c++ image graphics processing naturally lead me to post a link to openCV

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Why was I downvoted? OP asked for a suggestion, and i made one. –  sum1stolemyname Nov 17 '10 at 7:27
Why -1? I was about to install OpenCV for the project isnt it good? –  Manish Nov 17 '10 at 7:28
@Manish: From what I know, OpenCV is very good. I worked on at least two commercial projects which used OpenCV, though I never got into touch with the library myself (as i was working on the lower layers of the Projects) –  sum1stolemyname Nov 17 '10 at 7:40
I've used OpenCV personally before. Don't think it can be used for 3D modelling... it's more for doing this like image recognition, and running filters on images. Scientific things (image -> data), not artsy things (data -> images). I believe it should allow pixel-level access, but if that's all you want, something like libSDL might be more appropriate. –  Mark Nov 17 '10 at 7:59
3D modeling and image reconstructions are scientific, not artsy. I'd have some hesistations about OpenCV too, but only because of the 3D parts. OpenCV is templated on pixel type, but not dimensions. –  MSalters Nov 17 '10 at 9:32

Integrated Performance Primitives by Intel.

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  • ITK (InsightToolkit) - for multi-dimensional datasets
  • VTK (VisualizationToolkit) - for visualization, but also a little bit for ImageProcessing
  • OpenCV - normally for 2D, but very fast.
  • Matlab - should only be used for 2D (MATrix LABoratory) and not for big datasets
  • Mathematica - ... also I would say: 2D
  • Boost - can sometimes be helpfully for the analysis
  • CGAL - can also be used for feature extraction
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i tried Cairo (http://cairographics.org/samples/) for a project in past.

g2 library (http://g2.sourceforge.net/) also has quite comprehensive features. bit old though.

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Another such library is ITK.

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