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hi all:
I have a document with two fields, name and text, the content of them are same.
but when I use highlighting query, the response only return one field which is in parameter q.
this only return name in highlighting response
this only return text in highlighting response

I want to get all field with highlighting, is the hl.fl useless?
thanks in advance for any help.

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What you have should work. The one thing that stands out to me is the name of the other field you have is 'text' I would try changing the name of that field and try this again. That just looks like a word you might not want to use cause it could be reserved somewhere along the lines.

Can you do a q=text:sony


Does it give the same result?

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text is not reserved. its the default search field in solr. and normally a lot of fields are copied into this. @Illu: so maybe somewhere is a copyField directive (schema.xml) which copies 'name' into 'text' and messed up sth? – Karussell Nov 22 '10 at 14:05

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