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I was playing with firefox 3.6 and wanted to add a translation to an svg element when clicked; this element already had other translations on it.

var svgs = document.getElementsByTagName("svg:svg");
var group = svgs[0].childNodes[1];
    var group2 = group.cloneNode(true);
    group2.setAttribute("transform", group2.getAttribute("transform")+" translate(10,10)");
    svg2.insertBefore(whole2, whole);

But another way to do the setAttribute line would be:


Where I'm getting stuck is I can call

newSVGTransformTranslation =

but the resulting object does not have the setTranslate(x,y) method that I expect; nor any setters. Oddly group2.translate.baseVal.getItem(0) does have it, but no clone or copy methods are available.

I must be using the constructor incorrectly. Does anyone have an example of the correct form?

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See SVGSVGElement.createSVGTransform.

An example:

var tfm = svgroot.createSVGTransform();
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Thank you, this appears to be the part I was missing. – dlamblin Nov 17 '10 at 21:24

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