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I'm testing the ReSharper "Type Members Layout" feature. See ReSharper | Options | Languages | C# | Type Members Layout. And have found some good guidelines online and also read the Jetbrains online documentation. But adding a custom method separator I can't find out how.


//---- my custom method separator ----
public int Test()
  return 42;

//---- my custom method separator ---- 
public string Run()
  return "running";

So is it possible to include this in the custom "type members layout" xml code?

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I don't think this is possible in this version. It seems to me from the docs and playing with the options that Type Members Layout is solely for reordering and optionally en-#region-ing and de-#region-ing members in source files. I can't see anything which offers the possibility of adding arbitrary text.

You could perhaps look into using a regex-based Find/Replace operation that looked for


(with the correct number of tabs so that only methods, not classes, would be matched) and inserted your method separator followed by a newline, before the found text.

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