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I want to create a Log file in MFC that should write to log file everytime it should append the logging details , it should not overrite the exisiting details.And there should be some size limit like if after this much size a new file should create.

How to achieve this? any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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Look at the CStdioFile Class, specifically the method CStdioFile::WriteString. It makes it easy to write text to a file.

When you open the file you want to combine the CFile::modeCreate and CFile::modeNoTruncate flags to create the file only if it doesn't exist already.

You can get the size of the file using the CFile::GetLength method.

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Can you pls share some sample ? – Swapnil Gupta Nov 17 '10 at 8:50
@swapnil: Sorry, haven't done MFC in many years so have no code around but this page has a basic sample: and here's another one: – Hans Olsson Nov 17 '10 at 9:06

Hi i dont know can you use external libs but log4cpp very good lib and you dont need write your own realisation of logger class link text

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Aside from CStdioFile, I also use WritePrivateProfileString with the date and time as key name. You can thus add log strings in this form:

5-2-2010 15:06:10:804=Starting program...
5-2-2010 15:04:53:815=Data updated succesfully.
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