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So if i am French and browse facebook in French, is it possible for an application to change its locale or language settings based on that of the user? In other words, if i open the facebook app, i would like to see the app content in French. Similarly for any other language. How can this be done?

P.S. I am using the old REST api

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Ok a couple of ways to do this:

1) Check for locale in facebook params when the app loads, in particular the "fb_sig_locale" parameter

2) Use fql on user table like so:

select locale from user where uid = '1100100101'
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setup a before_filter like this (I'm assuming You're using I18n to store the current locale) :

  if request_comes_from_facebook?
    # e.g. "fb_sig_locale"=>"en_US" or "fb_sig_locale"=>"de_DE"
    if fb_locale = params[:fb_sig_locale]
      I18n.locale = fb_locale.sub('_', '-')
      logger.info ":fb_sig_locale parameter not found in request"
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yeah...makes sense. Thanks! –  fenderplayer Jan 3 '11 at 6:54

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