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I need to scroll a MapView programatically to make sure something is in view. I know how many pixels it needs to scroll in each direction. I see methods (in MapController) to animate it to a particular GeoPoint, and to scroll it by pixels without animation. But nothing to do it by pixels, with an animation.

What is an easy way to do this?

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Well, since no one answered I'll answer it myself. This seems to work ok:

public static void panMap (int x, int y, MapView map) {
    Point ptPixels = new Point();
    GeoPoint geoPt = map.getMapCenter();
    Projection projection = map.getProjection();
    projection.toPixels(geoPt, ptPixels);
    ptPixels.x += x;
    ptPixels.y += y;
    geoPt = projection.fromPixels(ptPixels.x, ptPixels.y);
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