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I understand (I think) the difference between class variables and instance variables of a class in Ruby.

I'm wondering how one can access the instance variables of a class from OUTSIDE that class.

From within (that is, in a class method instead of an instance method), it can be accessed directly, but from outside, is there a way to do MyClass.class.[@$#]variablename?

I don't have any specific reason for doing this, just learning Ruby and wondering if it is possible.

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You can do this with accessor methods:

class MyClass
  def MyClass::foo

  def MyClass::foo= (value)
    @@foo = value

MyClass.foo = 'bar'
puts MyClass.foo

So, basically the same thing that's going on with instance variables, though you can use the attr shortcuts to generate the accessors for you automatically. Whether you really want to do this or not is another matter. =)

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I believe that you have demonstrated how to access class variables, not instance variables of a class. In Ruby, there is an important distinction: class variable values are shared even by subclasses of the class where they are defined, so mutating @@foo in a subclass of MyClass will actually mutate the value in MyClass and all other classes that share this single variable. –  JellicleCat Feb 21 '14 at 21:57
class MyClass

    @my_class_instance_var = "foo"

    class << self
        attr_accessor :my_class_instance_var


puts MyClass::my_class_instance_var

The foregoing yields:

>> foo

I believe that Arkku demonstrated how to access class variables (@@), not class instance variables (@) from outside the class.

I drew the foregoing from this essay: Seeing Metaclasses Clearly

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