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Using Amazon's own client libraries (or alternatives), you can get listings of available pre-packaged AMIs, but the interface is definitely designed for scriptability, not readability. Elasticfox is better, but still doesn't make it easy to see what an AMI does, allow for user rating, etc.

Is there a centralised place for me to easily find AMIs for specific purposes? AMIs for Apache, OpenMQ, MySQL, that sort of thing?

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This is a list of shared AMIs. I am afraid that you can't automatically search the list by a keyword in the title or the description.

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Have you seen this list? It's just as cluttered as the elasticfox listing, but includes descriptions.

Sounds like someone should screen scrape this page and make it searchable..

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Thanks! I can feel a side-project coming on... – James Brady Jan 7 '09 at 20:06

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