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I want to make a button in my program flip the backgroundimage of the picturebox by 180 degrees so its facing the other way. So please can i have some code for this. I tried using this code: capturebox.BackgroundImage.RotateFlip = 180; but this is wrong and the program doesn't compile, please help.



Yeah, sorry, i meant a mirror image, basically facing the other way, so for example a picture of a left handed batsmen could then be mirror so it looks like they are a right handed batsmen in cricket. I hope this example helps.


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Little hint:… –  martinhodler Nov 17 '10 at 10:33

"Rotate 180 degrees" will set the picture upside down. I guess you want to "mirror" the image?

Anyway, the RotateFlip method doesn't take a number of degrees, it takes an value from the RotateFlipType enumeration.

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